Prints Now Available

Looking for a little macabre artwork to darken your living space? A conversation piece for late night soirees perhaps, or something unnerving to hurry unwanted visitors back into the cold? Perhaps I can assist. A selection of works from the Cult of Nyx gallery* are now available to order as art prints. Sized to fit […]

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I Advent – The tundra stretched breathless beneath muted skies, one season’s walk north of Aquillion. Kae’s bloodied feet attested every mile. II She was exhausted as the turgid river that led her on, watered her, kept her from collapsing. Raw plant fibres straggled between her teeth. III By day, sweat and tears blurred the […]

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Antipathy By Night

Antipathy by Night The PDF edition of my comics anthology ‘Antipathy By Night’, is now available to read for free, via the link above. 62 pages entailing eight stories of weird fiction, gothic horror, and general uneasiness, all for you, for nothing. You’re welcome. I had been selling this a while ago on graphicly.com (before the website went […]

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The Cult of Nyx

Why the ‘Cult of Nyx’? In which I muse on the usefulness of ancient gods and answer a question that no-one has asked. ‘Cult of Nyx’: a rather grandiose and baffling name for what amounts, at the moment, to little more than a rarely updated online art gallery and a handful of self-published comics. It’s […]

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Nine Ladies, Dancing

Nine Ladies, Dancing Minus 4 minutes. Jared enters the observation chamber and sits. The polarised glass slowly fades to reveal the glittering star-scape beyond, eclipsed at it’s centre by the brilliance of the micro-constellation, the Nine Ladies. The vessel is stationed just over one light year out. Minimum safe distance. The chamber is silent. Jared […]

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In Carracomb Ten Ravens Flew

As autumn decayed into winter, Genevieve lay in the high chamber at Carracomb and despaired of her captivity. The machinations of her cruel uncle and the grim spectre of her marriage to the sinister Marquis d’Ondellyn had reduced Genevieve’s days to a torturous tedium; an oppressive torment relieved only by thrills of horrified anticipation and […]

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